Interview with Braden Christoffer

How do you like Innsbruck and Tyrol?

The city is beautiful and the landscape is something most will only see on postcards and in movies. Living in the mountains has always been something I’ve wanted to do, unfortunate that with covid, myself and my teammates haven’t been able to fully enjoy this city and all of its beauty.

What are the goals for this season?

From the very start of the season I’ve thought we have the team to win in this league. It’s tough that we’ve had a lot of injuries and some key ones at that. We’ve had a tough stretch these last few weeks but we are staying the course and are ready for a strong playoff push. I will still be keeping my personal goals to myself but they are in reach and I will be striving to hit those goals and to help my team win games.

You wear #63 and not „your“ #23 this year…

I’ve worn 23 for the last 8 seasons of my career but this season I was a little late on choosing a number, I even asked Jennes how much he’d want to give me that number but I think he thought I was joking haha I’ve always liked 63 as a back up plan.

Do you have an idol?

I’ve had a few different idols, I believe my parents were my first. I grew up with very hardworking parents and they instilled those intangibles in myself. It is definitely a huge reason as to why I’ve gotten this far in my career.

Years ago Oilers-Captain and Superstar Connor McDavid called you „a real leader“. What does this mean to you?

That was a cool moment for me, we were in development camp together and the rookie tournament held in Penticton, BC. Coming from someone of that caliber and as we know became one of the youngest captains in Oilers history, is a huge honor. I’ve always prided myself on being able to lead, my goal has always been to better my teammates.

Do you have a nickname?

I’ve had a few different nicknames as the years have gone on. Each place has come with something different but I go by a shortened version of my last name Christo.

What headline do you wanna read about you in 2021?

Refs love and respect Braden Christoffer. Haha just joking but not really. That’s a great question, I’m not one to read about myself in the papers or on social media so hopefully something I can be proud of, that’s all!

Who‘s the „craziest“ guy in the locker room?

I guess that’s up to your rendition of crazy but we have quite the room of jokesters and funny guys. I sit around a few guys that never cease to make me bust a gut. But for crazy I guess not one individual stands out to me so maybe I’m the crazy one haha

Who’s the toughest guy in the league to play against?

I’m not sure on this question. Number one if there was a guy I thought to be tough to play against I wouldn’t want to say his name or give anyone that ammo on me to be honest.

What do you like most? Scoring a goal, give an assist or make a perfect bodycheck?

I will always say a beautiful goal, there’s truly nothing like scoring. In my opinion it’s the greatest thing to do in hockey!

You in 3 words ON the ice…

Focused, intense, competitive

You in 3 words OFF the ice…

Fun, caring, enjoyable

Your favourite spot in Innsbruck?

The tough part about this being a covid year is the fact that I haven’t gotten to explore or really enjoy this city to its fullest. My favorite spot I’ve been to is Nordkette. The view is simply stunning!

Do you speak any german?

I’ve gotten the gist of simple terms but I would not be able to hold a conversation or understand sentences. Starting to get better at it though.

What’s your favourite tyrolean food?

The Speckknoedel dumplings are insanely good and goulash is dynamite. I know goulash might not be exactly from here but it’s the first time I’ve had it and it’s very good!

Thanks for the interview.